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Now is where the road ends,
This is how it all began,
Thank you for every­thing in between!
Hans, Sander, Rutger



Wel­come to the offi­cial Sun­grazer website

It’s tour kick-​off day /​Pre­sen­ta­tion of the split album of The Machine and Sun­grazer at Pop­podium 013. DJ Wal­ter Road­burn will be tak­ing care of your del­i­cate ears when­ever there’s no band play­ing. We hope to see you all there! Oth­er­wise some­where else in Europe dur­ing the next 2,5 weeks. Have a look at the tour­poster down here…

From now on you’ll be able to buy and down­load the dig­i­tal album (€9,00) at the spe­cial Band­camp account here

We’ll also start tak­ing pre orders of both CDs and LPs. Please use the spe­cial e-​mail address Dit e-​mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spam­bots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bek­ijken. for your orders. We will get back to you once the tour’s done! CD13,00 /​LP €16,00 /​ltd LP18,00.

ow yeah!

Split release and Strikes & Gut­ters Tour through Europe com­ing up!

Sun­grazer & The Machine will release a split album and go on tour in early 2013! Here are the first dates of the Strikes & Gut­ters Tour. Expect more info and dates asap.

The Machine & Sun­grazer will at least play the fol­low­ing dates:

Split Album + Tour!

Hey there!!!
Feb­ru­ary 14th we will be releas­ing a split record with The Machine and The Strikes & Gut­ters Tour through Europe will start!

Art­work for the Split record by Maarten Donders:



Keep an eye out for updates and music from the split record and we hope to see you at one of the shows!
bye bye

Last week­end of record­ing the split and play­ing Mudfest!

This week­end we will go to Stu­dio De Zolder and fin­ish the record­ings for the Split with The Machine. Really look­ing for­ward to this!
Also we can announce that we will play at Mud­fest 2012 in Per­ron 55 in Venlo (NL)! We will play an exclu­sive set with some new stuff of course. But I’m telling you what the poster also tells you, so DON’T MISS THE RIDE!!!


Split Album

Split Album

Dur­ing the next two months, both The Machine & Sun­grazer will be spend­ing some time in the stu­dio. The record­ings will start this Fri­day and take place in the pri­vate stu­dio of The Machine, Stu­dio De Zolder. Since both bands share the same record label, it’s prob­a­bly not quite the sur­prise that Elek­tro­hasch Records will be releas­ing the split album. You can expect an early 2013 release.

This project is the result of a mutual friend­ship that, like the idea for a split album, already started years ago. Since our lat­est releases, Calmer Than You Are (2012) and Mirador (2011), new songs and jams already devel­oped them­selves. Each band will use (a cou­ple of) these tunes for their part of the split. As with The Machine’s pre­vi­ous four albums, David Eering will be pro­duc­ing both Sun­grazer and his own band.

Stay tuned on both bands’ Face­book pages and web­sites for more updates! If we don’t for­get, we might post some video footage and/​or pic­tures from the record­ing process. The entire process will be doc­u­mented.




We wanted to let you know that we have some nice gigs planned. But not too much live till the end of this year, because we are writ­ing our third album and we will also soon announce another very cool ‘thing’. So please take a look at our shows sec­tion at our web­site and we’ll keep you posted…


Rut­ger, Hans & Sander

Tour sum­mer 2012

Pure Rock & Roll!!!


Tour­ing through Aus­tria and Ger­many was just really great! Thanks to every­one who came out to see us, Sound Of Lib­er­a­tion, the peo­ple we met and let us crash at their house or tent and fed us kebab, Frank­furters and Schnaps, and the bands we played with espe­cially Lonely Kamel (we love you) !!!

Den­nis, Eva, Rut­ger Hans & Sander

Here’s Wild Goose at Otten­sheim Open Air in Aus­tria:

Tour July 2012!

We’re on tour again this Fri­day!

Jul 13 2012 Otten­sheim Open Air Linz, AUS­TRIA
Jul 14 2012 Mark Salzburg, AUS­TRIA
Jul 15 2012 Gasthaus Kreuz Rankweil, AUS­TRIA
Jul 16 2012 White Rab­bit Freiburg, GER­MANY
Jul 18 2012 Das Bett Frank­furt, GER­MANY
Jul 19 2012 Black Night Jena, GER­MANY *
Jul 20 2012 Burg Herzberg Fes­ti­val Bre­it­en­bach am Herzberg, GER­MANY*
Jul 21 2012 E-​LITE Stolzen­hain, GER­MANY *

* with Lonely Kamel

Sum­mer Tour 2012

Check out our shows sec­tion, because we’re tour­ing again from July 13 this sum­mer!

New video from Sea

Our friend Jerome de Win made another great video for the short ver­sion of “Sea” from our last album Mirador which was released in 2011. All images were shot dur­ing Duna Jam 2011.


Mosh pits & rum in Paris

Last Sat­ur­day Paris went nuts!!!
A seri­ous mosh pit at a Sun­grazer con­cert! RESPECT!!!
And thanks every­one!

Thanks Greece!

Yia mas!!! Greece was leg­endary last week­end and we’d like to thank all you peo­ple who came to the show, Anna Catcha & John Kon­tan, Sol UG, Broth­er­hood Of Sleep, the space caterer and every­one at s.i.x. dogs!

Here’s another clas­sic tour­re­port from DD


Hans, Rut­ger, DD & Sander


This week­end we are going to Greece for a gig on Sun­day together with Broth­er­hood Of Sleep at six d.o.g.s. in Athens!!! We are really look­ing for­ward to this!

Because of this the the Greeks from mix​tape​.gr asked us a few ques­tions and we got to make an online mix­tape with some of our favorite songs from Autolux, Sleepy Sun, Sebadoh, Neil Young, Buy The Grace, Viberider, Motorpsy­cho and The Bea­t­les!

Check out the arti­cle here and lis­ten to the mix­tape:

Tied um te sjaftuh!

2011 was another amaz­ing year for us. Thanks to you all!!!
Now it’s time for us to take it easy and jam on some new stuff.

“Tied um te sjaftuh!”


See you later!

Mud­fest this weekend!

Come and check out this fes­ti­val called Mud­fest this Fri­day and Sat­ur­day in Roer­mond, NL. GREAT line-​up and we will be play­ing some music on Fri­day. Get your tick­ets now and hope to see you there!

Santa Psy­che­del­ica tour last December

Santa Psy­che­del­ica tour was amaz­ing! Many thanks to every­body who came to join us! We also would like to thank Glow­sun, Hypnos69, DxBxSx, Sound of Lib­er­a­tion, Black Effect Ped­als and every­body who was involved in this tour! It’s been very…very.…very good! Ow, and happy new year y’all!

Album of the year at www​.ston​errock​.eu

Accord­ing to the com­mu­nity of www​.ston​errock​.eu Mirador is the best album of 2011! Thanks a lot for vot­ing! Check out the list of top 10 best albums here


Desert­fest 2012 london!

Hey folks, we are play­ing on Desert­fest which is the 6th, 7th & 8th of April 2012 in Lon­don!!!

Read more about it here

NEW SHOWS November/​December 2011


Nov 26: Asta The­ater in Beek (with 21 Eyes of Ruby)
Dec 3: De Groene Engel in Oss (with Can­dy­bar Planet and Gifter)
Dec 17: Saal Bir­git in Viersen, DE (with My Sleep­ing Karma)

SANTA PSY­CHE­DEL­ICA (with Hyp­nos 69, DxBxSx and Glow­sun):

Dec 27: Under­ground in Cologne, DE
Dec 28: Feier­w­erk in Munich, DE
Dec 29: Sek­tor E in Dres­den, DE
Dec 30: Lido in Berlin, DE (with­out DxBxSx)





Release Mirador!!!


(Album release show @ Muziekgi­eterij July 8 2011. Pic­ture by Michel Vanderhoven)

Last week­end we had release shows in the Muziekgi­eterij in Maas­tricht and at Stoned From The Under­ground in Erfurt. The shows, the peo­ple, the vibes and the reac­tions were more than we could ever expect. Many thanks to everone who was there or con­tributed to the birth of MIRADOR!

(Album release show @ Stoned From The Under­ground July 9 2011)

(Cham­pagne into the Muziekgi­eterij. Pic­tures by Michel Van­der­hoven)


Hey man it’s rainy outside

Is it in your coun­try also rainy? We had a great sum­mer though and we really enjoyed play­ing in Italy at the Pietra­son­ica fes­ti­val. You can check out how “Jules M.” (a very good friend and already becom­ing a cult leg­end) announces us at the fes­ti­val:

That’s dis­tor­tion right?!

After we returned from hol­i­day we pretty much started our daily life again. We also found some time to work on new mate­r­ial again… FINALLY! We even got the chance to record one jam/​song. Maybe we can let you hear a mix soon or some video footage.

But the best news is that we are going on TOUR IN OCTO­BER with GRAND­LOOM through.… Europe! We let you know very soon which exact dates and cities are con­firmed.

Till then we have one Bel­gium gig in Her­ent at De Bereklauw on Sep­tem­ber 16th and one Dutch gig at the total awe­some Gods Of Groove fes­ti­val in Hengelo:


We hope to see you at one of these shows and keep check­ing our updates for news about the tour and stuff. Ow and if you’re inter­ested in read­ing our lyrics from Mirador and an inter­view (in Dutch) you can check out this site

At last we’d like to leave you with some footage of one of our best expe­ri­ences so far, which was being and play­ing at Duna Jam in Sar­dinia this year. Thanks again to every­one who made this pos­si­ble for us (espe­cially Oli, Ste­fan, Philipp and Mani) and every­one who was there! Enjoy this video of Somo dur­ing the sun­set in the dunes:


New album ‘Mirador’


Check out the album teaser here! We advise you to put the movie on fullscreen and the high­est qual­ity, turn the vol­ume up and sit back and relax.… Thank you for fly­ing with us.

Tick­ets for the release show at Muziekgi­eterij in Maas­tricht can be found at: www​.muziekgi​eterij​.nl


Warm­ing up for the album release:

Tour­re­port + fin­ish­ing new record

So we went to Pots­dam to play at the Waters­es­sions on a boat.… SICK!!!
Here’s a tour­re­port made by our sound­dude DD:

On the way home we went to Han­nover to fin­ish the mas­ter of our new record with Willi Dammeier. Mirador is ready now. Out on July 8. Maybe a lit­tle teaser for you soon…



This Sat­ur­day we will rock the boat at the Waters­es­sions in Pots­dam! AARRRRRRR!!!!



Info about the Waters­es­sions can be found here on Facebook.

Audio Stream Roadburn

Play­ing at Road­burn this year was an incred­i­ble experience!!!


is an audiostream of our show thanks to a great mix of Danny Grass and live sound by DD + a very cool review thanks to JJ Koczan!

Shows In Cot­tbus & Berlin!

This week­end in Ger­many again!!!
Fri­day — Cot­tbus
Sat­ur­day — Berlin



Release dates new album

Dear ston­ers & stoner­i­nas,

may I present to you the offi­cial release dates of our new album ‘Mirador’:

July 8 @ Muziekgi­eterij in Maas­tricht
July 9 @ Stoned From The Under­ground Fes­ti­val in Erfurt, Ger­many


Road­burn was greaaaat!!!


Last Sun­day we played at the Road­burn fes­ti­val and we had such a great time there!!! We’d like to thank Wal­ter and every­one from Road­burn and all the peo­ple and bands who came to this great fes­ti­val!

(Sun­grazer @ Road­burn 2011. Pic­tures by: Jan Rijk)

Check out some inter­views, arti­cles, pic­tures, audio streams and stuff at the road­burn page of 3voor12 here. You can read (in Dutch… sorry) about our con­cert at Road­burn here and there is an article/​interview by 3voor12 over here.

We are still mix­ing our new album right now. Things are going good and we fin­ished four songs already. Soon we will announce the release date of the album!

This Sat­ur­day on April 23 we will play in De Spot in Mid­del­burg with Lucid and on Sun­day April 24 we will play together with many bands from around at a ben­e­fit con­cert for the Muziekgi­eterij in Maas­tricht. check that out! more info about the ben­e­fit can be found here.

new shows!

We con­firmed some really nice shows the next months! So drag your mouse to the shows sec­tion, have a look at the list and cap­ture all these dates into your head! Or write it down in your agenda! or tat­too it on your fore­head?! Put it on the back of a shirt!!! Or something…


Mau­rice talk­ing about gui­tars and elec­tric razors while we are mix­ing a song called ‘Gold­strike’ from our upcom­ing album!

Mix­ing ‘Mirador’

This week we started mix­ing our new album ‘Mirador’ with our ‘buuze-​meister’ Mau­rice! Just wanted to let you know that the record­ings are awe­some and that we can’t wait to release this one! Can’t promise you a release date yet, but when it comes… it comes. Till that time we have many cool shows and fes­ti­vals planned too. So you won’t have to miss us! Well… take care, and we hope to see you.… SOON. of course soon. we will prob­a­bly see you some time. but it would be nice if it was soon. like at a show. or some­where else. would be fine too. ok. see you. soon!


Rut­ger, Hans & Sander
The Co Pro­ducer

Cus­tom made Sun­grazer tour shirt 2010

This is the back of a cus­tom made Sun­grazer tour shirt from 2010! There has only been made one of these, and no… it’s not for sale. But what a year!!!


Road­burn 2011

After com­ing home from a really amaz­ing Up In Smoke tour, we received some good news again: We will play on the After­burner of the Road­burn Fes­ti­val on Sun­day April 17th this year!


As you can read here on the Road­burn site, we are replac­ing Gomer Pyle because their drum­mer Sander Evers just left the band. We’d like to wish them good luck with find­ing a new drum­mer!

Sup­port Fu Manchu

We are sup­port­ing Fu Manchu at De Effe­naar in Eind­hoven on March 10th!
They’ll play their whole album ‘In Search Of…’! Hope to see you there! Get your tick­ets here

Record­ing 34 & more…

While we are hav­ing a great time on tour, we’d like to give you a taste of the record­ings of our sec­ond album ‘Mirador’. We did a really laid back tune called ’34 & more’ as you can smell in this video…


This Thurs­day the UP IN SMOKE ROAD­FES­TI­VAL VOL. I will start!!!! We will play 18 shows in 18 days (holy shit!) and drive with a night­liner through Europe with RotoR and Colour Haze! We hope to see you at one of these shows!

110203 Cologne, GER, LIVE MUSIC HALL
110204 Lon­don, UK, UNDER­WORLD
110205 Leu­ven, BEL, HET DEPOT with Hyp­nos 69
110207 Kon­stanz, GER, Kan­tine
110209 Mar­tigny, CH, Les Cabes Du Manoir
110210 Karl­sruhe, GER, SUB­STAGE
110211 Würzburg, GER, POSTHALLE with The Machine
110212 Dres­den, GER, TANTE JU with The Machine
110213 Vienna, AUS, ARENA
110214 Zagreb/​Hrvatska, CROA­TIA Kset
110215 München, GER, FEIER­W­ERK
110216 Ham­burg, GER, MOLO­TOW
110217 Copen­hagen, DK, Sten­gade
110218 Berlin, GER, ASTRA with Lonely Kamel
110219 Erfurt, GER, STADT­GARTEN with Lonely Kamel
110220 Tilburg, NL, O13 (with­out ROTOR) with Lonely Kamel

Updated photo gallery

Hey, we updated our photo gallery. Take a look at some pic­tures under the ‘media’ section!

Record­ing new album

Hi every­one!

It’s time we let you know what we are up to right now. We are busy prepar­ing for the record­ings of our new full length album in Jan­u­ary 2011. This time we won’t record in our rehearsal room but in the stu­dio of the Muziekgi­eterij in Maas­tricht together again with Mau­rice Huyts.

How will the new record be? Well… the new songs will be more spun out and more com­pact. More fuzz and more clean. More songs and more jams. More of the same and more of the unex­pected. It’s only up to you how you will expe­ri­ence this once you will put the nee­dle on the wax. Any­way we can’t wait any more, that’s for sure!


(In the pic­ture above we are set­ting up the stu­dio in the Muziekgieterij)

After the record­ings in Jan­u­ary 2011 our next shows will be at the “Up In Smoke” Stoner-​Roadfestival through Europe in February!
2010 was really unde­scribeble for us: Releas­ing our first record, play­ing at Pinkpop and many other cool fes­ti­vals, play­ing with a lot of great bands and friends, sign­ing with record label Elek­tro­hasch and with book­ing agency Sound Of Lib­er­a­tion, meet­ing many good peo­ple. It’s really hard to sum it all up man! It’s been a trip. It’s been so good. We’d like to thank you and every­one for all of this. THANK YOU!!!
We just updated our video gallery. It’s under the media sec­tion. So have a look at some nice clips and live footage.

We hope to see you soon and remem­ber: uuuh… to.. uuu­u­uuh.….. yeah…

Hans, Rut­ger & Sander

UP IN SMOKE” Stoner-​Roadfestival 2011– Trailer

Gods Of Groove 20 Novem­ber in De Pul in Uden


Sup­port Karma To Burn!

Karma To Burn is back! And we are hon­oured to be sup­port­ing them in Ger­many! Come and check that out!

Nov 14 2010 in Maschi­nen­haus, Berlin
Nov 15 2010 in Nil Club, Pots­dam
Nov 16 2010 in AJZ, Biele­feld
Nov 17 2010 in Rosenkeller, Jena

You can find more info at Sound Of Lib­er­a­tion

See ya there!

Tour­re­port Octo­ber 2010 Sticks & Stones Tour

We just got back from the Sticks & Stones Tour 2010. We toured for 10 days together with Dev­ille from Swe­den and we had a really great time! We want to thank them, Jerome, Den­nis and every­one who helped us and came to our shows! Here’s one of the tour­re­ports we made while tour­ing:

You can find more tour­re­ports on our youtube chan­nel

Up In Smoke Road­fes­ti­val VOL I – Elek­tro­hasch Label Night!!!

We are VERY VERY happy to announce that we will be on this tour called UP IN SMOKE with Colour Haze and RotoR in Feb­ru­ary 2011!!!!!! Check this out!


SOUND OF LIB­ER­A­TION - agency for many bands of the psychedelic/​heavy/​rock scene from all around the world–

has decided to cre­ate an appoint­ment for all the fans of this kind of music!

The con­cept, called UP IN SMOKE Road­fes­ti­val, is a trib­ute to the clouds of blue smoke which wave around the dances and trances of music lovers in the world!
Each time, for each vol­ume, we will offer you a well suit­ing band pack­age and get them to hit the Euro­pean roads to meet their fans and rock the crowds with psy­che­delic, doom, heavy rock and exper­i­men­tal riffs.
Get ready to rock with already known artists, as well as to open up your ears to the sound of tomor­row with some new-​comers in the scene!

Vol­ume 01 will fea­ture bands of the beloved Ger­man under­ground label Elek­tro­hasch Rec.

Head­liner is Europe´s most well known psy­che­delic under­ground rock act “COLOUR HAZE, fol­lowed by the unique 3 piece instru­men­tal band ROTOR from Berlin. As open­ing act, you will get to see Holland´s shoot­ing stars SUN­GRAZER”. Spe­cial guest(s) will be added to the line up of the extended shows.


Sound of Lib­er­a­tion & Eclipsed Mag­a­zine present:

Up In Smoke VOL I – Elek­tro­hasch Label Night

Colour Haze, Rotor, Sun­grazer + spe­cial guests (*)

03.02. Köln, Live Music Hall
04.02. UK – Lon­don, Under­world
05.02. B – Leu­ven, Het Depot (*)
06.02. F – Paris, Nou­veau Casino
07.02. F – TBA
08.02. CH – Zürich, rote Fab­rik
09.02. Italy – TBA
10.02. Karl­sruhe, Sub­stage
11.02. Würzburg, Posthalle (*)
12.02. Dres­den, Tante JU (*)
13.02. Wien, Arena
14.02. Croa­tia – TBA
15.02. München, Feier­w­erk
16.02. Ham­burg, Molo­tow
17.02. DK – Copen­hagen, tba
18.02. Berlin, Astra (*)
19.02. Erfurt, Stadt­garten (*)
20.02. NL – Tilburg, 013




Dev­ille & Sun­grazer on tour!


New jams

We are play­ing new jams at our rehearsal shack. This is an instru­men­tal one called “Octo”.You can hear that the pho­to­cam­era can’t han­dle the sound, but we hope you do! Enjoy!!!


Us at the Yel­low­stock Fes­ti­val in Geel, Antwer­pen:


It was a blast indeed! And a good begin­ning of the end of the sum­mer for us!
We’ve good some really nice gigs and fes­ti­vals planned. Also we finally found some time to work on new mate­r­ial. So keep check­ing our site and list of shows okay?! Okay!



Pinkpop 2010

Sungrazer @ Pinkpop
(photo by Sander Baks)

We want to thank every­one who came out to see us at the Pinkpop fes­ti­val 2010! It
was an amaz­ing trip thanks to all of your sup­port!!!
Check out this video:

If you would like to see the whole con­cert, go to Sun­grazer at 3voor12 and pic­tures are on Myspace and Face­book.
Make sure to check out our upcom­ing shows and we hope to see you soon!